You’d be surprised how little your funeral cover should cost!

If your funeral cover is costing you more than R11 every month, you might be paying too much.

And in tough economic times like these, who doesn’t want something for nothing, right?

R11 isn’t technically “free”, but consider for a second that a cappuccino costs R25 nowadays. That means our Funeral Cover costs less than a half a cuppa coffee.

Before we get into how we can afford to provide you with R50 000 funeral cover at 36c per day, let’s run through why you need funeral cover in the first place.

2 reasons why you need Funeral Cover:

  • You need funeral cover in place so you can have a dignified send-off.
  • You need funeral cover in place, so your family doesn’t have to borrow money from the bank to give you a dignified send-off.

A whopping R62 775 is how much your family would need to pay back over 36-Months!

Did you know that if your family borrowed R50 000 from the bank to cover your funeral, and paid the money back over 36-months, at a minimum interest rate of 10,25%, the repayments would be R1 743 per month?

In total, the bank would have scored R12 775 out of your demise.

Would it be fair to leave your family in that situation?

Is R50 000 Funeral Cover enough?

 It isn’t if ‘YES’ is your answer to any of these questions:

  • Do I have a bond that needs to be settled when I pass away?
  • Are there any other debts that need to be squared off when I pass away?
  • Does my family need an income to replace my income?
  • Do I have enough money saved for future education costs for my children?

Any ‘Yes’ answers?

Then you need life cover, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, you probably need funeral & life cover.

Back to how we can provide you with R50 000 Funeral Cover at R11 per month. 

When you take out a Stangen Life Cover policy we include an accelerated funeral benefit that pays out within 48-hours.

The funeral cover equates to 10% of your life cover value and is capped at R50 000.

Hold on a second, give me an example!

Sure, let’s create a quick scenario:

Isaac is 40 years old, earns R30 000 per month, doesn’t smoke and has a Matric plus a certificate in Human Resources.

Isaac took out R500 000 life cover with us for a premium of R205 per month.

If Isaac passes away, we will pay Olwethu, his wife, who is the nominated beneficiary on the policy, a lump sum of R450 000.

That doesn’t make sense, I thought Isaac was covered for  R500 000?

Good spot. The reason why Olwethu receives a pay-out of R450 000 is because we accelerated 10% of the life cover benefit (R50 000) and paid that out as a funeral benefit to Olwethu within 48-hours.

That way Olwethu had quick money on hand to give her loving Isaac a dignified send-off.

How much will Life Cover cost you?

  •  A 25-year-old female earning R20 000 pm could pay R137 per month for R500 000.
  •  A 25-year-old male earning R20 000 pm could pay R167 per month for R500 000. 
  •  A 35-year old female earning R20 000 pm could pay R186 per month for R1000 000.     
  • A 35-year old male earning R20 000 pm could pay R266 per month for R1000 000. 

Nothing in life is for free, but a 10% advance on your Life Cover, that can be used to cover funeral costs, is darn close!

Looking for a life insurance quote? Why don’t you leave your details below and we will call you back?

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  • Is their waiting period on funeral policy. Say normal death wait six months like other policies.

    • Hi Charmaine. We have a 4-month waiting period on our funeral policy for the main member before they can claim for natural causes. Accidental death from day one.

  • good day
    i am 68 years old and want to find out about funeral cover
    i do have a policy but this is extra
    what is your maximum age for life cover


  • I already have a life cover. What I need is only a funeral cover. Can you offer funeral cover independent of the life cover?

    • Hi Mpafariseni. Thanks for your comment. Yes, we do offer a standalone funeral product. I will email you more details.

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog. Our max entry age is 65. I will drop you a mail to get more information to provide you with a quote.


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