In Celebration of Women’s Day – Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo!” (“You Strike the Women, You Strike the Rock!”).

This proverb was made famous by a resistance song that symbolises the strength and courage expressed by women in African societies. Women are the foundations of life and motherhood, which is symbolised by huge strong rocks. 

The 9th of August is a time for girls and women in South Africa to reflect on the wisdom of the powerful words shared by inspiring women in history. Many sacrifices have been made towards gender equality, but naturally, there is still a lot of ground to cover before the goal is reached.  Women’s Rights movements in South Africa have progressed immensely over the years. Feminist movements, such as WomensNet are aimed at creating opportunities for women and solving the gender equality and injustice in South Africa.

On this day, let us join the global movement to bring forth the next level of feminine freedom in our world. We at Stangen, believe in the wisdom of raising future leaders and providing a platform for them to become leaders of tomorrow. And by celebrating girls and young women we help create better and inspiring mothers, wives, CEOs and leaders. 

At Stangen, we asked a few women what it means to be a woman in this country and here’s what they had to say.

“Women have worked very hard and have managed to place themselves in the forefront with men, especially in male-dominated industries. We have managed to get the recognition we deserve. We are always trying to cultivate meaning in everything we do on a daily,  so I am very proud of the women in the country.” – Nomsa, student 

“I think it is so essential for us to educate young women about the power we possess. We are amazing, and we continue to strive and become better not only as mothers but as employees, entrepreneurs and businesswomen. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be better. We are taking over university institutions and corporate workplaces, and we are managers, supervisors, heads of departments and CEOs.” – Robyn, manager 

“As a young mother and woman, I am glad to be celebrated.  It is a humbling experience that there are women who paved the way for us. I am truly inspired, and I work very hard to be a great mother and woman. Being a woman means, achieving no matter the odds, being a caretaker and provide for your family and those you love.” – Katleho, young mother 

“Growing up, women never got a lot of opportunities, and I’m so happy to see how women have grown. We have equal opportunities. Young women are now allowed to do what men do. They are working single mothers, unmarried and are celebrated no matter what path they choose.” – Mavivi, grandmother 

National Women’s Day is a symbol of celebrating all women for what they are and how far they have come. It is truly an honour to see that women are excelling beyond boundaries and are becoming the setting stones in society.

 We’d love to know what National Women’s Day means to you?


  • Women’s day means that I have to stand up for I believe in and be proud of myself and other women and make a difference in the world and work hard for myself and again be independent and stay focused and expose myself to the future as i am important.

    • Hi Lerato,thank you for much for your comment. It is truly inspirational and kind words to all the different women out there. We appreciate it thank you.


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