Cost-cutting tips for your wedding day

A wedding can be an expensive day to plan for. There is so much to consider such as a venue, food, décor and alcohol. Fortunately, this day does not  have to be so stressful and costly. There are plenty of ways to cut down costs while still achieving your dream wedding. 

Here are five easy tips to make your money go a long way:

Avoid fresh flowers as décor

“Fresh flowers are expensive. The cost of having fresh flowers as part of your décor hikes up your expenses substantially, and I just do not think it is worth it considering that it is only for one day. The flowers are going to die – so ask yourself if it is necessary to have them. 

The solution to this would be opting for faux flowers. Many places hire these out for events and some look realistic, and artsy. It’s worth checking out.”- Shannon

Have your ceremony and reception at the same place

“Having your wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue will cut costs in terms of décor and transportation. Hiring out two venues at different places or having two different rooms that need to be decorated is an unnecessary expense as it’s literally doubling up your prices. 

Apart from saving money, using one venue for both ceremonies is convenient for you and your guests.”-Mbali 

 Get married in court

“Getting married at a courthouse saved us so much money. It was a tough decision to make, considering that every girl wants the glitz and glamour of a wedding day – however, we quickly realised what was more important to us. 

We still got dressed in a beautiful gown and well-tailored tux. We got our closest friends to be our witnesses. After that, we invited our close family and friends to enjoy dinner with us in celebration of our union. Because of this, we have saved up enough money to afford a beautiful honeymoon together!”- Michaela 

Pick your wedding date wisely

“Booking out a venue will most likely be your highest cost, so it’s essential to choose your wedding date wisely. If possible, get married during the week as opposed to a Friday or Saturday. Venues charge significantly less from Monday to Thursday.”- Banele    

Have digital invites

“As cute as it is to give your guests hardcopy invites, it is also expensive to have them designed and printed. Using digital invites is a quick way you can save and it is much more efficient. 

There are a lot of apps such as Canva that offer free templates to design your own invitation and send it via text or email as opposed to having them designed and printed professionally, and still having to worry about them being delivered.”- Sibaphiwe 

Remember, planning your wedding day should be a fun and exciting task. It is the one day that truly symbolises your union, and the beginning of your lives together. 

If you keep this in mind in the midst of all your planning, you will realise that most of what is stressing you about the day, is not even necessary and means very little once you look at the bigger picture. 

Toss aside the extra costs and invest in your love instead!

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